Day 23 of commitment to 1 hour exercise a day

So far so good  I have maintained good level of movement no noticeable signs of weight loss or indeed waist reduction but feeling so much better in myself. And that was the point!

With a thought crossing my mind that perhaps I have been sluggish in my chosen hour mainly dreamally walking in the woods with the hound I started a spinning class on Friday.

The deal was one commitment to a piece of work in exchange for attending a colleagues spinning class . Deal!

The work piece committed and done I kept to my promise to attend. I arrived late into a very hot classroom with people in various states of excelerated peddling. I nodded to my colleague the instructor ensuring he knew I was there and hopped on a bike. Easy!! My legs where peddling furiously and I looked around thinking I’m winning I am peddling faster than anyone else.

As I tuned into the instructions over the fast beat I realised I was supposed to do something with the red twisty thing on the bridge of the bike. I turned the dial and immediately the pedals slowed as my legs pushed to turn them against the resistance. 

Got it! Not easy – the class continued with various of shouts of “attack” and “turn it up ” with me cheating myself on how much resistance I required. At one pint my foot flew out of the clip on the pedal which took a little bit of jiggling to right. 

Finally we finished I looked around delighted I had stayed the course and a little smug as this had been my first time and clearly  I was great at this, sadly not so everyone else was drenched in a sheen of sweat with water pumping literally pumping out of them.  I shamefacedly went up to the instructor 

“Em not sure I’ve got a handle on that red twisty thing”

“Yes I was trying to encourage you……..”


Must try harder .



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