Miracle Morning 3 – easy wakening

So I have that sense of excitement that Hal speaks of in his book https://www.google.co.uk/imgres?imgurl=http://ecx.images-amazon.

I set my alarm 5 minutes earlier to allow the water drinking and toiletries function not to interfere with my hour.

I feel I have whizzed through everything again honestly it’s the fastest hour I have had. 

Today for visualisation I write my things down and surprised myself with what I wrote first immediately thinking no is ant this first and changed it so already my mindset is changing. 

The silence I find hard I cut it to 4 minutes today however I will approach it tomorrow in a more positive attitude and this I am sure will help

So in summary

Day 3amd covered so far

Silence 15 minutes

Affirmations – starting to love these 15 minutes

Visualisation 15 minutes

Reading 45 minutes ( plus reading more during day instead of being on my phone!)

Exercise 45 minutes of yoga

Writing 15 minutes 

What’s powerful 3 hours 



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