Miracle Morning 2 find your bliss

So day 2 but a  late start-

Yesterday I felt energised at work. I felt more confident for a meeting I attended. The buzzy crazy lady from YouTube possibly helped to the point I ignored her smiley face this morning and went for a different visualisation tool and feel flat after it. Primarily as it made me focus on the dream book that I always plan to write. Hey there’s a book in every one right? Where’s mine? 

So feeling flat after this I read Hero for 10 minutes and the chapters find your dreams and your bliss started to make me feel better. This also covered perhaps people I.e. ME don’t necessarily have a dream or plan or goal so find the what makes you happy. So I think I can happily move towards making a list as suggested I the book on page 

I followed this up with 15 minute yoga for fat people  (weight loss)and feel I have worked out! Also feeling stronger 


  1. Yoga 15 minutes

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