Morning Miracle Day 1

I am sure there are many morning miracle blogs. This is my day 1. Conall my dog delighted to see me at 5:30am snoozed through my SAVERS
Silence – this was hard, I used an old technique taught to me by I think the nuns at school, imagine a blackboard and wipe all thoughts- tricky

Affirmation- I loaded a 5 minute YouTube video and repeated several I am positive sentences,  I take time to laugh – they are the only two I recall perhaps it’s still too early

Visualatiion- again you tube! I loaded up the buzziest lady ever! I need more work on this

Reading – 15mins on my book Hero sequel to the secret – skipping the stories and reading the content 

Exercise- 15 mins of yoga – feel stretched!this was probably the best part

Scribbling- done on my blog page- it can be done! I have procrastinated too much about writing and here I am 5 minutes in and I don’t want to stop 😄



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