Day 27: the oldfogiyogi does not fall far from the tree

Big yoga lesson for tonight do not do yoga on a full stomach of chicken, coleslaw and coco pops!! Tonight I was late home from work the 100k challenge training having priority as I had to walk home. 

Into a house of Disarray I arrive home, chicken smoking on the frying pan, children scattered and our dog in the kitchen patiently waiting for the scraps of chicken we may ( he hopes) be about to over cook ( he’s no fool). It transpires the children have eaten but want more chicken and have abandoned it, my husband is heading off to football and the eldest is out swimming. The dog stares at me expectantly and I think he needs a walk, putting his lead on and about to head out the door my husband advises  me the dog had a walk when he ran out of the house, nobody noticed and the neighbour ( with the chocolate Labrador) brought him back an hour later! God I hope he hasn’t pooed in anyone’s garden.

House settles down as my whirlwind shouty husband leaves, daughter is despatched to bed and I eat the above mixture.  I swallow the last mouthful and recall “Uh oh I have to do my yoga.”

First I gave a telling off to sandwich eating son about his sandwich eating habits and homework. Finally I go upstairs and load the session. Adriene made me do a few planks, half planks and cobras where I burped each time I rose up ewww.

finally the tree pose it’s odd that my right leg on my left thigh held beautifully and in true ying yang mode the left would not sit on my right thigh causing this yogi to wobble and fall. Eventually admitting defeat I accepted that for now the left foot would rest happily on the right knee. As I stood in this beautiful pose from downstairs my son’s newest series obsession Game of Thrones invaded my yoga moment followed by a queasy tummy.



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