Oldfogiyogi day 26: I challenge you not to yawn

So you know where I am I have set myself another challenge on top of the 30 day yoga challenge which is to do the 100k London to Cambridge walk. 

I have walked 20,000 steps today around Cambridge ( some of it shopping and some to have a cheeky mocha in a  favoured coffee shop). So my legs are pretty tired today but I still hit the mat. I still don’t get it that  the range of viewers goes up and down but today Adriene is back up to the 100ks herself. http://youtu.be/cd46opJN00s

Adriene commenced with an easy on the floor stretch but then announced to allow myself to yawn and she yawned in the film.  We’ll yawn the rest of the session yawn was made up yawn of not being yawn Abel to continue without a yawn!!

My biggest dread was doing the downward facing dog having walked ages but it really helped stretch out my thighs and legs. Finally there was a suggestion of practicing other moves for playtime before shavasana but I was so busy yawning I could not contemplate doing anything else. 

Namaste zzzzzzzzz


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