Day 25: 12 minute yoga session phew 

after struggling to walk the dog for 2 miles wrestling with him all the way I was concerned I would cry off my yoga session tonight. 

I ate my dinner quickly and enviously looked at my husband sipping wine while  trying to recall why I had started this challenge.

Up the stairs I went unrolled my mat and noted my phone had 8% left in it while my ipad had 2%. Again temptation to quit surged but the recalling the reasons made me continue. I used my iPhone and as a back up charged the iPad. 

Loading up the session I noted the numbers had dropped to 78,122. Determined I loaded it up and noted the session was only 12 minutes!! There is a yoga God.

The session while quick was full of twists and turns. Up and down and warrior poses but I did it and after even started to attempt learning how to do……a HEADSTAND.



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