The cat sat on the mat: day 17 oldfogiyogi challenge 

It is day17 of my 30 day yoga challenge and I see Adriene as a pal now.

 I note that while I am sticking with it this session only has 143,331 views. I can’t help but be competitive even doing yoga!

I had a gap yesterday due to doing a charity dog walk with my daughter and friends and then gardening in a blind panic as my parents are due over from Ireland and the garden looked like a scene from the apocalypse. I may be exaggerating slightly but after no care and attention all winter and a young pup digging his way out for the great escape. My back was pretty sore so I skipped the session. 

I returned tonight to the Mat and I am still amazed at how far I have come on in such a short time. While my daughter sat in the bed with headphones on watching her programme and me while my eldest boy sat downstairs watching a zombie programme. Tonight had new moves twisting and stretching, balance was also a focus with less wobbling tonight as I focused and fixed my gaze on one spot. 

Our beautiful cat Maisy came in as I lay in a stretched child’s pose and sniffed my hair . As it is often the way with cats,  she sat in the one spot I did not wish her to – my mat. As I edged the rest of the routine around her ( why did I not shoo her off?), I found myself thinking thank God the dog and the fish cannot get up the stairs.



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