Oldfogiyogi day 13: unlucky for some?

i had to take two days rest due to the top thigh injury. Fortunately when I returned to the mat there was no strains or pain. I have now purchased a mat so fluffy carpet in my nostrils is no longer an issue. Today’s session was relatively undisturbed aside from the stomping of family members through the house. I am constantly on alert for the sound of footsteps on the stairs which does make for me looking like a meerkat half standing half ready to stop in position. 

I can definitely feel I am getting better, my balance is improving and I am still walking tall. Adriene still asks that I smile through my yoga . I know I linked in with someone else’s blog on smiling through yoga and I will post the link next time. I am still a rookie blogger so never sure exactly how to link things in but her post was touching and worth a read.



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