Mindful hatha yoga: or be mindful not to be fooled by the title, day 14 of oldfogiyogi 30 day yoga challenge 

Ok so Adriene is very lovely and just when I thought I was getting used to all the ups and downs and in and out she throws mindful hatha yoga as a title in the mix.

Now perhaps I should have done a bit of pre reading on this but I didn’t until post session . Hatha is such a lovely word and how it forms on the tongue  almost makes it impossible to shout this word as it is soft. However the session was not. 

Adriene congratulated me on getting half way through the 30 days. I realised the time had flown and it was now customary for me to practice daily ( injuries aside).

Well I was shattered by the end it was a lot of holding postures and I thought my legs would go.

On the plus side the link below shows a study on older people doing hatha yoga for eight weeks, three times a week for the over 55s. Now I am only 9 years off 55 and I know how fast the last 9 years went so I  if I keep going I’ll have a good chance of retaining some faculties even past the 50s. I just have to stretch and breath my way through the remains days oddly the article says the study looked at cognitive function in the elderly- over 55 is not elderly is it…..?




Hatha Yoga Asana



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