Shachawhat?:day 11 of an oldfogiyogi’s 30 day yoga challenge

I’m getting better at sorting out time for yoga so tonight went smoothly with children deposited off to bed and the man of the house gone to football. Today Adrienes YouTube session was titled Shakti yoga. Not only was this unpronounceable it also sounded dangerous and hard.

I settled in for the session there was the usual planks, I can’t recall the correct yoga term but it’s a plank! Of course there were a few down dogs which I have to say I am getting better at plus my feet almost touch the floor which is not bad after 10 days. There was plenty of hip widening and opening which I felt easy in, my legs are strong so they can hold me ( and my tray bake)very well.

I think this is a session I enjoyed the most. I have since looked up what Shakti yoga and found the following on the internet

Shakti is the Sanskrit word for “divine feminine creative power that is found within us all”.

Shakti yoga

Another studio advised it was

Shakti Yoga is a uniquely feminine way of practicing Yoga. It focuses on moving from the lower belly and hips to awaken creative potential. Special emphasis is given to the pathway between the pelvis and the heart, and how to merge those centers for an integration of body, spirit, and emotion.


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