Oldfogiyogi day 9: sweaty yoga and burping

last night i missed a session of yoga as I went to the school ceilidh with the children.  There was the usual school raffle and weak tea with cake but as it was a social evening there was wine but only Pinot Grigio which I had had a bad experience with in my 20s and since then cannot touch it. “That’s ok” I said to myself” I can have a diet cola.” Feeling virtuous I sat down but soon realised a diet coke was not going to cut it. I quickly texted my friend 

bring Savignon only have Pinot here😟

She arrived half an hour later plonking the bottle on the table saying she had been challenged at the door by the PFA who advised her it was not a BYOB event. ” you made me look like an alcoholic” she cried, settling down and opening the bottle. Four women were very grateful she took that risk.

This morning  ,my yoga was uninterrupted, it was Saturday there was only my girl and I in the house. Today (ironically ) Adriene was leading a detox session. I settled on the carpet( which I noted needed vacuuming (after all it has been a week!).  I felt so sluggish as I stretched my body into twists and down dogs. ” surely missing one day can’t have such an impact?” I asked Adriene. More twists and down dogs, planks and various ( wobbly) warrior poses. I was sweating! How could this be it was only one day. I really struggled with the poses. As I finally completed the session sitting cross legged and cooling down I let out three successive involuntary burps. 

 Probably that diet coke and nothing to do with the wine!



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