Oldfogiyogi day 8 yoga challenge: it’s all so quiet shhhh

( imagine this post in a whispered tone)

Today Adrienes session was 28 minutes of relaxation( despite this there was an expectation on her part that I do the above move needless to say – big fat fail!). There was however on the plus side gentle bell music throughout the session. My littlest yogi crept upstairs ands sat beside me as I breathed slow, deep “relaxing” breaths.

Whispered voice

“I need you to be quiet”


“Really quiet”

“Is this the relaxing one?” she’s such a girl and retains all this information.

“Yes ….shhh”


“You need to give me space?”

“Ok “- no movement

” honey pop yourself on the bed if you want to stay but you need to be quiet”

She popped a kiss on my cheek and scrambled onto the bed.

I continued with the movements eyes closed while everything slowed down around me. Breathing in and out, in and out…..

“Mum” sandwich eating son arrives to see me on the floor. ” just checking if you had gone to bed…..,,,,. What are you doing?”

“I’ll be down shortly” I advised one eye opening to squint at iPad screen to see the time left, ” I’m doing yoga”

“YoGay” he retorted as he left the room did I mention he was 15?

The session eventually came to an end with a deep long breathing savasana. As I came too from the deep breathing session which was quiet hypnotic  I noticed my little yogi had been very quiet for at least 15 minutes.

I stood up and crossed over to the bed to find the young yogi totally relaxed and fast asleep.

It appears yoga has many benefits.



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