Oldfogiyogi day seven of the 30 day yoga challenge: I’m just here for the savasana

I made it to day seven yay!! Despite subterfuge and interruptions. Today I am on call and got home late and a little bit fed up. Fed up that I offered to cover for someone and potentially was in for a rough night and fed up as I knew I was tired and could be prone to ranting at everyone. So I treated the dog to an extra walk – he was thrilled pulling on the lead. I could have done my yoga as  I only had the sandwich eating son at home but I knew I needed to walk the feeling of frustration off. I knew I risked disturbance at my yoga session if I delayed it as the remaining family members where due back but off I went.

After a quick walk around the block I got back and went straight up the stairs to get into the non flattering yoga gear – leggings and a shirt. In the sweaty Betty catalogue the  models always look so chilled and of course they don’t have tray bake tummies so fabric falls differently on their form unlike mine where the jersey will somehow excentuate my faults clustering under the breasts or riding over the stomach. As I wriggled into the clothes I thought if I keep this up I will treat myself to proper clothes .


So here’s the thing the disturbance or interruptions has got less in that it’s a casual “oh are you doing your yoga thing?” After seven days the family have accepted I have a thing and it is yoga. Interesting …..maybe I was already achieving one of the objectives after just one week -more time for me.

Happily I set up the iPad and loaded day seven to see Adriene would be taking me through a full body yoga workout. The session would be 30 minutes. 

Pros to yoga at seven days

So the thing is I am getting better, my flexibility is improving. I can now walk my feet from a down dog position to my hands- seven days ago I could not. I am a little stiff in my right leg but breathing through the exercise helps.

I am beginning to feel a bit like a yogi(even a pretend one).

Cons to yoga at seven days

 I got hip cramp today- say what!! Who gets bloody hip cramp? I didn’t know it was possible- but it is!

I also still have to remind myself that the oldfogiyogi in the mirror is me! I think I have the opposite problem to an anorexic person regarding body dysmorphia. I still think I look  36 in my head and the mirror is lying. That stomach does get in the way doing any type of bend however it is retracting or feels like it is a bit. Still it is only seven days. 

More pros

My second boy came up for a chat about his day while I lay in various yoga positions and he did not bat an eyelid.

My husband came up and proudly showed me the jacket he will be wearing to Cheltenham races tomorrow and I continued. 

My little girl finally came up saying “I love this bit” and snuggled down beside me in savasana and together we lay in the floor and listened to the final calming jingling of bells as the session finished.



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