Oldfogiyogi Day 6: the sound of silence 

i had a day off work today and so planned to do a good  yoga session with NO interruptions. First the family had to be packed off to school and work. My husband left at 8:40 to get my daughter to school by 9:00. Traffic in our city is busy  and they would hit a lot of it but I bit my lip and smiled and waved like a 50’s housewife at the door as he screeched the car out of the driveway.

I ignored the breakfast dishes and the dog who was thrilled someone was staying home and shot up the stairs. It was a gorgeous day and sunshine flooded through the window. Setting the iPad up I loaded Adrienes day 6 and noted it was only 16 minutes long. I understood why pretty quickly as she was focusing on abs! Now the last time I saw my abs I was probably about 20 and even then they were not really abs as nobody toned up in the 80s the way everyone does now. We had baggy trousers and shirts that covered a multitude of sins  including abs. 

Anyway suffice to say I was hurting through the moves and  found myself asking Adriene how can yoga be about bicycle legs? I must check the correct terminology for that yoga move which I think would be in breach of the some sort of description act if there is such a thing. 

It hurt a bit ,even  when breathing through the moves however 16 minutes passed very quickly. When the session ended it felt odd as normally I would return guiltily to the family or as readers will know one or all will have interrupted my session. 

Dare I do more? 

Indecided I could and loaded a 40 minute weight loss yoga session( with Adriene of course)! Many of the moves I had covered in the last few days and I am getting better at downward dog. Finally as I lay on the floor in Shavasana( oooh listen to me) This oldfogiyogi felt good and wondered would I feel the brunt of the ab session tomorrow.



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