Oldfogiyogi interrupted: day 5 of the 30 day yoga challenge

The image I have of 23 minutes relaxing and practicing yoga is a complete fantasy. This evening I scooted upstairs after serving the family dinner as it is the best time usually to get a bit if space. I set myself up in front of the mirror, funny it’s becoming less critical to look at the overall image and more about sitting into a better posture. I loaded up Day 5 onto the iPad via YouTube. Adriene greeted me (211k viewers numbers slightly dropped again) and it was with pleasure and ease I started to move into the various positions. I got so lost in the concentration of the moves that I was on all fours facing the door , back dipped, head up when my husband opened the door suddenly.  He jumped startled to see me looking like a cat ready to spring on him and also a little disappointed to see this was not the case as he saw I was giving my attention to Adriene. He had come up to get ready for his football game. As I stretched into various poses he worked around me getting his clothes, shaking his shorts in front of me. 

He chatted away oblivious to my patient sighs and tuts every time he spoke to the point where I could no longer really hear what Adriene was saying so I had to focus on the image of the screen to ensure I was moving correctly. He started telling me about before and after pictures of people in an article he had seen. The images displayed the usual before and after pictures in a magazine. It asked the reader to suggest how long it had taken people to get to the after. He asked me to guess despite not seeing the article 

“30 days?” I grunted through triangle pose. 

“15 minutes…….15 minutes …….can you believe it?”  He said incredulously and proceeded to describe that they made a male and female pose for the before photo but in bad lighting and slumped over. He even demonstrated the mans pose slump and standing over me as I moved into a seated twist.

 ” look like this, see?” 

” hmmm , yes darling” I replied

. “then” he continued “they made them over after making them exercise for 15 minutes, gave the girl a tan and then dressed them both up, made them stand in side on positions and photographed them in better lighting. All it takes” he advised “is  at least 15 minutes a day to get you firmed up , I find that with my daily swimming”.

As I lay on the floor prostrate for the final few minutes I listened to him chatter on about how important it was to keep fit and how he needed to hurry to get out on time for his football.



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