From the mouths of babes: so it’s not just me then? Oldfogiyogi challenge  day 4

Today I had a new yogi partake of Adriene s day 4 yoga challenge. The viewings on YouTube show 243,865 views a slight drop on day 3 but I am holding in there with the others.  My 10 year old daughter came up at the moment where I was settling in to start the session  ( told you they always find you with that inbuilt radar that tracks like a beacon “mum is trying to have time on her own radar must destroy !”). I allowed her to stay on several conditions

  • Allow me space ( ok )
  • Do not talk ( ok)
  • Do not ask questions ( ok)
  • I mean it one little murmur and you are out of here (OK!)

We settled down to start.

“I need the mirror Mum” no body issues with her then, I did insist we share it so I can check my posture.

Adriene eased us from sitting to pose of a child.

Daughter “Chuh, this is easy “


 ” why is she breathing like that?”

“Shh .., it’s supposed to be relaxing”.

We moved into a tricky twist. 

“Ooh, what is this move? I can’t do this move”

“Shhhh …..and give me some space!”

” I’m falling over all the time, I can’t do this”


” I’m like an old woman”

At that moment I was in downward dog and giggling trying to hold the pose. I could not believe she had said that. Within a few minutes my daughter had broken all the rules that we had agreed which I knew she would but I was surprised she was moaning and groaning about not being able to do the moves. The girl who can do the splits, turn consecutive cartwheels and hold a crab with one leg in the air had trouble getting into the poses.

At the end of the session Adriene invited us to relax and be thankful 

” I am thankful for  the end of this session” quips my daughter. “How boring it’s the same moves over and over again”.

I smiled, despite the fact my session had been interrupted it was both fun and a little enlightening.

I saw that yoga provides me even at day 4 with something else that running and other sports don’t. You HAVE to concentrate, you have to move on the breath and you need to take your time to get your balance, you have to do the same movement over and over, practice makes perfect and even flexible new yogis can’t hold some of the poses.



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