Namaste – day 2 of an oldfogiyogi 30 day Yoga challenge 

The subterfuge continues on day 2 of this oldfogiyogi  journey to doing more with less. Less time to exercise due to more work, less time with family (feels uncomfortable )but more time for me. So one son is dispatched to rugby training  so far a good start. The arrival home of my daughter in tears following a slight from someone at school makes me worry that my plan to do day 2 of yoga may not happen. As I cuddled her, my husband rolliing his eyes behind her and making man suggestions on how to resolve her problem which didn’t  sit well with a 10 year old and made her whimper more. I sat her down and soothed her as best I could grimacing as she lifted the neck of her t shirt to wipe away a mixture of tears and dare I say snot. After a further session of assurance and hugs I despatched child 2 off to have a bath. My husband went off to a School governor meeting and finally after watching my eldest consume one no two large sandwiches I managed to get him to walk the dog.

Up I went to my room ( floor still not vacuumed) placed the iPad in a good place, and sat in front of the mirror. Once again reflecting on the tray bake tummy.  Adriene my 30 day challenge YouTube yogi guru advised today we would mainly be stretching and advance a bit further than yesterday. I was ready! Up we stood down,  we flowed staying true to the practice, inhaling and exhaling through the movements. About 5 minutes in Adriene talked me through rocking on my feet ,waxing lyrical about feet being shoved in shoes and how good this movement was. The movement felt pleaseing but as I moved to stand up my right foot got caught in terrible  cramp!  As Adriene picked up the pace and I had to gingerly hold positions and compensate for the cramp that would not just come. I winced my way through the last few minutes until I found myself lying once again prostrate on the floor considering the tingling cramp ebb away conscious I was lying on a carpet that was crying out for a quick going over and wondering if I had bitten off more than I could chew.…/the-meaning-of…


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