Cramps and flexibility:day 3 oldfogiyogi s 30 day yoga challenge

So I had foot cramp yesterday and some calf cramp, I have also felt the odd ooh moment when I have stretched and the feeling of tightening up. This yoga is working and waking up muscles that have been utilised to run rather than stretch and after a run I never stretched. Yesterday at work I felt a bit more energised it may have been that Friday feeling or in 2 days in energy was flowing? I’m also not sure if the blogging is also keeping me energised I keep thinking I must remember to write this down. I had also lately had tingling arms in the morning the first time I had this happen I thought this is it I’m having a stroke! I’m not a hypochondriac I was never sick when young, or we were not allowed be sick unless it was school holidays. I remember getting chicken pox at 14 and my face was really scabby. Well I pleaded to go to the youth club disco and after much pleading was allowed to go only to realise that the advice given about “give it a week and stay home ” should have been heeded- everyone stared at me for hours!! It also ensured no boy in my peer group wanted to chat me up for years I played right into my parents hands. 

Anyway something is changing I am correcting how I sit, I feel I am walking a little more upright and tucking my stomach in. The tray bake is still very comfortably there with a “I’m not going anywhere for a long time, when you had the first muffin top you should have pulled back but now you’ve got a bakers dozen standing proudly on display”.  How does that happen??

Today’s yoga is easy to get on with as the family are all busy out at various sport functions except my girl who I have abandoned and let her watch the Disney channel.

As I start I note Adrienes YouTube following for day 3 I note has dropped dramatically  to 274,407 ( and two of those are me as I had to stop and start). Do people give up that quickly?? Today Adriene told me to forget everything I know about yoga and just relax. Thankfully we mainly did standing postures, warrior and mountain poses finishing off with the final bit lying prostrate on the floor causing a fit of sneezing for me- we all know why and I now know why yogis have mats. So today feeling a bit tired but “springy” I am getting the vacuum out. Namaste!


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