The return of the yogi?

So here I am age 46 getting back to yoga. I did pre natal yoga when I was pregnant with my first son and giggled childishly through all the huffing and puffing from the variety of pregnant women, who incidentally where like variations of the different sized Russian dolls one can buy at a market – if they did pregnant lady dolls. Anyway I digress, I then did yoga after pregnancy with my second son and loved it. I got, I thought quite good!! I then got pregnant again and gave birth to a girl and yoga pre or post pregnancy or any other time was gone for good. Running took over then as access to keeping semi fit and this year I committed myself to a half marathon. However a few weeks ago my energy levels dropped and training became non existent. I have a busy job which I love but I work very long hours. As a result I am feeling exhausted and a bit flat. If I cannot get out and run and I need to move what was I going to do? By the way I no longer have a muffin top it’s more a tray bake so the running wasn’t working. I tried to think how can I possibly get some energy? Being an old fogi ( the yogi hopefully comes later) I tried to recall when was the last time I felt really good and what was I doing? I then remembered when I had my second son and did yoga after his birth in a classroom and how I shaped up and lost weight without trying( ok this may be a case of rose tinted varifocals). So I decided I would do a 30 day challenge this blog will map my journey over 30 days. Here I go…..


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