A new yogi

Yesterday I started my 30 day yoga challenge. I felt like I needed to keep it a bit private which is nye impossible in our house. My gorgeous children have that inbuilt radar where as long as they think I am moving around the house doing something they are fine but as soon as I need to make a call they suddenly need to shout for me to solve an argument, fix something or just “know” I am diverting attention away from the family. My husband also carries this characteristic so I planned to start on a day where I was pretty much guaranteed some privacy. I had researched a YouTube 30 day session and found one with a sprightly young lady called Adriena her site had 913,564 views so I thought – can’t go wrong! Remember I have done yoga before when I was not an old fogi and I thought how hard can it be- like riding a bike! I also needed to do something easy accessible and the gym and running we’re out due to busy work life balance.
So I set myself up in my room, the children where in bed, my husband was out – perfect conditions. I have a large mirror which we still not hung anywhere in the house so I decided it would be a great idea to do my first session in front of this to ensure good posture. I pressed play on my iPad keeping the sound low so as not to wake anyone and waited for Adriena to instruct me.

Now Adriena reminds me of “me”( those rose tinted varifocals again) but the “me” when I was younger and flexible. Adriena suggested I start by sitting cross legged on the floor she advised the session was going to be relaxed. I settled on the floor in my suitably relaxing clothing adjusting my body and legs feeling a little stiff “must be all that running” I thought. Now, I am not sure if many 46 year old women sit in front of a mirror in their “relaxing” clothes, often these type of clothes are not very flattering so my mental image of me looking like a slightly older version of Adriena was soon wiped out as I saw my old fogi body lumped on the floor cross legged, with my tray bake stomach protruding. Hmmmm. Anyway Adrienas assuring dulcet tones beckoned me to start moving my body as she did, shifting from sitting to pose of a child by the way none of my children ever posed like that movement. As my head lowered to the floor I could not help but think “God I need to vacuum”. As I lifted up into a standing position brushing the carpet lint and fluff from my forehead the front door banged. My session was swiftly terminated as my husband came upstairs to investigate where I was. “I’m doing yoga” I announced “I need privacy”. With a cheeky smile my husband settled himself on the bed and told me he didn’t mind watching. I flounced downstairs to continue my session tutting that I never get any space or peace under my breath and set myself up again. Without the mirror image I made better progress and stood proudly in a strong warrior pose the dog my only audience. I coped pretty well with the rest of the session, finally Adriena instructed for the last few minutes that I should lie on the floor, relax and let any concerns or worries to wash away. As I lay prostrate on the floor with the dog snoring beside me I could not help but notice “God this floor needs washing……..”


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